I read Ancient & Modern History at Oxford University (graduated 1994).

I worked in Russia 1994-7 on various projects.

I was Director of Research then Campaign Director of Business for Sterling and the ‘no’ campaign (to stop Britain joining the euro) 1999-2002.

I worked on various projects 2003-7, including trying to stop the EU Constitution being enacted (2004-5) and helping to run the referendum campaign against the North East Regional Assembly (2004) which won 80-20.

I was Michael Gove’s main adviser September 2007 – January 2014, with a break May 2010-December 2010. (NB. BBC people in particular: I said in September 2013 I was leaving and I left voluntarily in January 2014, do not put me in your lists of ‘people who were fired’ as you are prone to.)

I have never been a member of a political party.

In 2015/16 I ran the official leave campaign in the EU referendum, Vote Leave.

I run a company, North Wood, that tries to solve problems (management, political, communication).

Finally in 2020, I decided to take the all important trip up to Durham for my Mum’s birthday help caring for my child & someone to deliver food shopping to me.

Email me on: me@domcummings.co.uk